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Posted on November 3, 2023

Job Category: Production

Contract Type: Full-Time

Duration: Permanent

Location: USA, Buffalo, NY.

Salary:$19 - $21/hour depending on experience.

Schedule: 8 hour per day, 30 minutes lunch, occasional overtime. 1st shift only.


  • 401(k) pension feature of $1.25/hr. for every hour worked after probation period of 120 days.
  • 2 weeks of PTO and 10 paid holidays per year



  • Perform mechanical operations necessary in transformer assembly
  • Read and interpret prints, wiring schematics and written instructions
  • Usage of various electrical devices to test control wiring
  • Work off of ladders, lifts and scaffolds
  • Use tools such as saws, grinders, drill presses, etc., safely and with efficiency
  • Interpret and carry out verbal instructions from designated persons or supervisors
  • Fabricate and assemble core laminations, insulation, structures and coils into a final assembly
  • Candidate will be trained in the use of fork trucks and cranes
  • Training provided in the use of automated cutting line to fabricate core laminations


  • Must lift 50 lbs of lamination or other material
  • Ability to work on platforms
  • Ability to meet the company’s standards for safety, quality and quantity of work
  • Must have own tools
  • Ability to read and interpret drawings and blue prints
  • Must be able to safely work with power tools
  • Must be able to follow directions and read instructions
  • Good math skills, able to read a tape measure and take accurate measurements
  • Upper intermediate knowledge of English
  • Knowledge of US customary units of measurements (inches).
  • Commitment to full time (40 hours) work week and different shifts as well as 12 months of service .

Essential Minimum Physical Demand Job Requirements:


  • Standing continually
  • Walking frequently
  • Working above shoulder height frequently
  • Forward bending in standing frequently
  • Rotation in standing frequently
  • Ladder climbing frequently
  • Mobile stair climbing


  • High level of hand coordination for tool use
  • High level of hand coordination to perform assembly activities
  • Above average grip strength for tool use
  • Above average pinch strength for lifting core steel

Agility Material Handling:

  • Lifting core steel with one person up to 20 lbs at waist height to shoulder height freuently
  • Lifting longer core steel with two person lifts up to 20 lbs each person at waist height

Required documents:

  • International passport
  • Visa to USA
  • Work permit in USA

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One Seneca St
Buffalo , NY